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Kubifaktorium [Kickstarter demo]

Build and manage a colony, use automation, transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium. [Demo] · By Kubifaktorium


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Patch 1.9.2018 is live!
- The shadow from the sun is now stronger and the sun moves according to the time of the day. - The shadows from the clouds are now nicer and "morphing" over ti...
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Autofarms and Depots
Patch notes: - Added farms, inserters and depots to the game! - Added warnings/help to the stockpile and zeppelin panels that tell you their status in the logis...
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Patch 19.8.2018
- Fixed a bug causing too many pigs to spawn for recruitment. Also fixed the colonist management screen not updating its page count. - There are now separate 'r...
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Demo 17.8.2018
- Reworked the system responsible for loading/saving. It works a lot better now - as a side effect it is no longer compatible with old save files. - You can now...
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Update #7: Logistics System and Zeppelins
Good afternoon! Update number 7 adds the long-awaited logistics system. It allows you to link stockpiles and transport systems like trains and zeppelins. When a...
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Demo 14.8.2018
- You can now sort the colonists in the colonists overview. - Colonists now carry items to the nearest stockpiles. - Added the outpost bonfire which you can use...
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Patch 13.8.2018
- Removing farm zones now removes farm land. - Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze in the main menu. - Fixed a bug causing the game to occasionally freeze wh...
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Patch 12.8.2018
In the course of the last days I was able to fix most of the bugs that were in the demo. Colonists getting stuck, items not getting processed or things behaving...
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