A downloadable Kubifaktorium for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is Kubifaktorium?

Build, manage and grow a thriving colony, discover new lands, craft legendary weapons and defeat your enemies. Kubifaktorium will feature different biomes to explore, plenty of resources to exploit, complex machinery to build and interesting production chains to master.

About the demo

This demo contains several tutorial maps which show what Kubifaktorium will be about. The full game will come to Early Access this Summer. Thanks! :)

The game is still in early alpha so expect to experience some bugs and inconveniences - it is not representative of the final game.

To learn more about the game, follow it on Facebook, YouTube or visit my blog. 

Colony Building and Management
The heart of your colony consists of loyal colonists who will mine resources, farm crops and craft tools and weapons. Each colonist has a different set of skills which will change based of the jobs he or she performs. Managing your colonists needs and abilities is vital to ensuring your colony's efficiency.

Different Biomes
In the course of the campaign you will explore and colonize multiple islands and encounter different biomes. Each biome features new enemies and challenges but also new resources to discover and process.

While your colonists are awesome, their work power is limited. Fortunately, your colonists know how to craft advanced machinery like automated farms and smelters, which you can use to automate more and more of your production.

Logistics and Transportation
As your colony grows and your production hums along, transporting the resources you need becomes a bottleneck. Kubifaktorium features a number of transportation systems like trains, conveyor belts, zeppelins and more. Automated depots and inserters are there to help you store, sort and keep track of all your goods.

Weapon Crafting, Enemies and Combat
The new lands are inhabited and guarded by mighty enemies and you will need mighty weaponry to defeat them. The game will feature multiple weapon types and multiple quality tiers of each weapon.

Mod Support
The game is designed to be mod friendly and will allow players to create anything from new goods and industries to total conversions with new terrains and scenery. Created mods can be published and managed via the Steam Workshop.

Other Features

  • Helpful and lean UI with plenty of tooltips and explanations.
  • Integration for Steam Workshop, Steam trading cards and achievements.
  • The game is developed for and will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Install instructions

Windows: This download includes the Windows 64bit build. To play, just extract the zip file to a folder of your choice. Then execute the Windows64.exe within.

Linux: This download includes versions for 32- and 64-bit Linux. Extract the archive and execute the Linux.x64 or Linux.x64_64 file.

Mac: This download includes version for MacOS. Due to me lacking a working Mac at the moment, I haven't tested it yet. I'm greatful for feedback regarding what does and does not work. :)

If performance / FPS is bad, try turning off shadows and lowering the ambient occlusion setting first - these tend to be most costy.

If you experience problems, report them in the discussion board, I'll try to resolve or fix them.


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