Patch 1.9.2018 is live!

- The shadow from the sun is now stronger and the sun moves according to the time of the day.

- The shadows from the clouds are now nicer and "morphing" over time.
- Refactored a lot of the UI code. Info panels now consist of multiple elements based on the selected object. Useful, for example, for a building that is a workshop and houses animals at the same time. - The items you get from mining something are now shown in the UI.
- Animals on rocks should now get thrown off.
- Made some smaller performance tweaks and added the option to turn off lights.
- Increased the time it takes to mine things, especially mountains.
- Numerous other fixes.
- <i>Saving can still be buggy. Please report things that are not saved/loaded correctly.</i>

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Version 29 Aug 28, 2018 172 MB
Version 30 Sep 01, 2018

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