Autofarms and Depots

Patch notes:

- Added farms, inserters and depots to the game!
- Added warnings/help to the stockpile and zeppelin panels that tell you their status in the logistics system.
- The save files now contain the types of all tiles (rather than just the map seed).
- Fixed tranparency of built auto farms.
- Updated the save/load dialog to work with foreign characters. And maybe even on Mac. :)
- Fixed the building conditions for depot entries and exits.
- Probably fixed massive arrow & pickaxe at the corner of the world.
- Numerous other fixes.
- Fixed a bug causing completed objectives to reappear after reloading a map
. - Colonists should no longer moon-walk towards enemies. :)

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Version 26 Aug 24, 2018 173 MB
Version 26 Aug 24, 2018 172 MB
Version 26 Aug 24, 2018

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hi I have a save with no boat at the start and is weird ill attach once i find out how

where are saves stored

kinda miss the saving is still buggy but im working on it