Update #7: Logistics System and Zeppelins

Good afternoon!

Update number 7 adds the long-awaited logistics system. It allows you to link stockpiles and transport systems like trains and zeppelins. When a good is requested, the system will automagically figure out how to get it from A to B using the systems at hand. Have a look:

I have also added zeppelins to the demo so you can test the new system. They are still imbalanced, especially with respect to the required resources, so I recommend to use the cheat menu to spawn the zeppelin stations in for now.

Cheers, Mirko

- Added the logistics system (LS)! The LS allows you to connect multiple stockpiles and transport systems like zeppelins. It will automatically transport goods to stockpiles where they are requested, i.e. accepted.
- Added / Unlocked zeppelin! Build them in the zeppelin factory and connect zeppelin stations to your logistics system to use them.
- Added a rotation speed setting.

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