Patch 19.8.2018

- Fixed a bug causing too many pigs to spawn for recruitment. Also fixed the colonist management screen not updating its page count.

- There are now separate 'remove zone' and 'cancel order'-buttons. - Dragging with RMB no longer cancels the current action and should cause colonists to get move commands. Dragging with RMB is also now the default option for the Mac build. - Panels now close when choosing an action (like mining).
- Added modding options to animate workshops.
- Wave are now affected by ambience setting.
- Music volume now affects the main menu.
- Other bug fixes.
- <i>Saving can still be buggy. Please report things that are not saved/loaded correctly.</i>

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Version 21 Aug 18, 2018 173 MB
Version 21 Aug 18, 2018 172 MB
Version 21 Aug 18, 2018

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