Demo 17.8.2018

- Reworked the system responsible for loading/saving. It works a lot better now - as a side effect it is no longer compatible with old save files.
- You can now load a saved game from the main menu.
- Fixed serialization of visibility / fog of war.
- <i>Saving is still buggy but I'm working on it.</i>
- Added a warning when output stockpiles do not accept products.
- Added the option to drag the map using the right mouse button.
- Your colonists now move faster/slower when they are happier/sad.
- People and animals should no longer get stuck on rocks.
- Building outposts should now be easier.
- The ambience volume setting now affects birds etc.
- Numerous bug fixes.

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Version 18 Aug 16, 2018 173 MB
Version 18 Aug 16, 2018 172 MB
Version 18 Aug 16, 2018

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