Patch 10.8.2018 released.

I have uploaded a new version to, which fixes a majority of the issues that were reported so far. It also enables an automatic error collection service, which makes it more effective to find and fix issues in the future.

- Added page switching for the patchnotes.

- Added Reddit and Discord buttons to the main menu.
- Added hyphenation support for text.
- Added automatic exception / error collection.
- Added preliminary modding documentation.
- Reenabled quicksaving / loading (F5/F6). <i>There have been a lot of changes lately so saving is probably buggy but I'm working on it.</i>
- Fixed loading screen scaling for non-wide resolutions.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Files 164 MB
Version 135 24 days ago 164 MB
Version 134 24 days ago 163 MB
Version 134 24 days ago

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